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What is the point of a custom WordPress theme?

With so many free themes and “do it yourself” web site providers out there what is the point of making a custom theme? It is time consuming and largely pointless. For the end user this is true, however this site is for developers!

Learning what is going on under the hood is a necessity if you are to modify or add something to a theme. Also, WordPress is the most popular web site builder and uses all of the main technologies, from HTML to PHP and JavaScript. WordPress it is a great learning tool and can be used for rapid prototyping and proof of concept projects.

Finally, this new series on WordPress theme development uses a few legacy technologies such as Bootstrap and jQuery, knowing these is useful as you may encounter them on older sites. They have largely been replaced by CSS grid and the browsers own capabilities.

New series on WordPress theme development. Create a space launch manifest site with custom post types and advanced custom fields. Manage data more effectively.

The theme and site are built from the ground up. The main aim of the series is to teach the structure of a theme and how to build it. To avoid getting bogged down in HTML and CSS Bootstrap is used as the basis of the layouts.

Modern sites should use CSS grid