How do I make a banner for my eBay store?

Creating a banner for an Ebay store is not difficult. You need a graphic design application such as Affinity photo and a little imagination. There are loads of free photo sites and it only takes a few minutes to make a stunning banner.

Which Graphics application do I use?

There are several ways to create the banner for an Ebay store. I use Affinity Photo as a graphics programme. There are also free graphics programmes such as Gimp. You might be thinking of using Photoshop, but this is subscription based and probably overkill for light use.

Affinity Photo for PC and Mac is a one time purchase and costs just £48.99.

How big is the banner image for an Ebay store?

The banner and logo sizes are 1200px x 270px and 500px x 500px.

Creating an Ebay store banner.

Here I create a banner for a flower shop.

Step 1/ create a new document

Open Affinity photo and click on file > new,

Enter 1200 x 270 px in the size box and click create. A white rectangle should appear. You can use CTRL + – to zoom out and CTRL ++ to zoom in.

Step 2/ Add a background photo

I downloaded a free flower image from Pixabay. Click on file > place to add the image. Hold down the left mouse button and drag until the image covers the banner.

Step 3/ add some text

Click on File and hold the left mouse button down while hovering over the ” T ” icon, select the artistic text tool. Click on the image and add the text.

The default font is Arial in a black colour

With the text tool selected drag across the text to select it. Click on the font selector at the top left and select a more appropriate font. The text colour can be changed by clicking on the colour box in the same menu bar as the font selector.

Step 4/ Add some text styles.

On the right hand side you should see a set of panels. Click on the styles tab. There are many preset styles that you can apply to the text. here I chose bloodpool.

Step 5/ add a bottom bar.

To add more information about your business you can add a bottom bar. Include some text about your service. Click on the rectangle shape in the toolbar and draw a rectangle that covers the bottom of the image.

Use the layers panel on the right to control the depth of each item. That is which item is on the top. You can drag them to change the depth.

To change the colour of the rectangle, select it and then click on the fill box. You can now add some text over the bar.

Step 6/ save your banner

Click on file > save as to save your master file. To export the image Click on file > export and choose your format in this case a JPEG.

That completes the project

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