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With the the advent of CSS grid the design paradigm has changed. With CSS grid more inteligent browsers can now scale and move the content to suit different screen sizes.

Front end apps now use a Javascript library such as React. While jQuery is being replaced by dedicated and smaller specialised scripts.

Series on CSS grid


Develop a WordPress Theme, 2021 -part 3, Header & footer, Bootstrap.

Add two files named header.php and footer.php to your active theme folder. Open the front-page.php file and add the code below. These two default WordPress functions will bring in the header and footer to your theme. Open header.php and type […]

Develop a WordPress Theme, 2021 -part 2, theme structure

Part 1, setup and environment This is part two of a course on modern WordPress theme development. It is not a stand alone tutorial. Theme folder and structure Log in to your project site back end and go to Appearance>themes, […]

Develop a WordPress Theme, 2021 -part 1, environment

Introduction This series will show you how to build a WordPress theme from scratch. It uses Laragon to create a local Apache server and the Visual Studio Code text editor. Developing on a local machine is a lot faster and […]

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